Phil, known in his solo guise as Harmonica Lewinsky, runs an Open mic evening called Harmonica Lewinsky's Big Cigar, on Turdsdays at the Amber Rooms in Watford at 8.30pm.  This is a new local pub/restaurant, with a great atmosphere.  In a previous life, it was known as the notorious Mad George.  Bring your instruments or just drink yourself into a stupor.  Extra points if you can do both.

If you want to join the famous Harmonica Lewinsky email list, contact Phil at  You won't regret receiving his regular abusive emails.  Much.

Phil is also in a duo called Otis Lifts with a disfigured, mean-spirited, dog-breathed, part-time arsonist and lapsed Catholic skittles player called Roger Lewis, chief organist at the Church of the Holy Maroni.  Look up their gigs at  They always appreciate medical backup at their gigs.  We don't mean St Johns Ambulance, think MASH. 
We support and play regularly at the following open mic sessions all of which start at 9pm:

Tuesdays:  Pump House
Wednesdays: The Horns
Fridays: The Brewery Tap

You can keep up to date with Phil's activities on his myspace site at